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Date / Time : Tuesday, February 8, 2011 / 8:54 PM
Warning: this post may hurt your eyes.

How have your Chinese New Year been? (:
Well, i was super super busy during the week. visits to go and such and not forgeting gambling, all times favourite for my family's gathering activities. Oh! I've highlighted my hair back to red again!

CNY Eve; 除夕夜:
Went Uncle House for reunion dinner this year.
Was too busy eating, didn't really take photos.

Thats a lil tiger,Janson (my cousin's son) with mum and dad!
yeah, dad tempted him with his tiger beer and he's so tempted to drink he when my dad gave him smell. Hahas! And dad keep act like he's going to give him drink and tempt him. so bad.

Lo hei! very nice right? Looks like a fish! one of my cousin's fiance did the food and this!
Then, the elder started gambling, and the gambling went on.

Day 1; 初一 :
My dad's Chinese Birthday, every year we would eat mee sua. but im not a fan of it so i merely had a mouth of it, then headed out to collect my Ang Pows! ♥
Oh yeah! i drove the car, well, for a short distance. Hahas!

Till night, had dinner at my grandma house, then headed to my great grandma house to have another round of dinner. I miss my great grandma dearly. ):
But now the place is so active compared to the pass due to the lovely kids in the house.
I'll show you one super super super super cute and adorable one! Cayden!
He's damn uber cute i swear! so cute that i can't stop taking photos of his actions♥

A clearer pic of him, i stole this pic from his mum's photo album to show you guys!
looks like korean kid right?♥

Then, came
Day 2; 初二:
(You have been warned about your eyes)


woke up, prepared and proceed to continue.
My Chinese New Year this year was not as busy compared to the past few years due to some reasons. Visits were also hugely reduced.
Had reunion dinner No.3 at My aunt's place at bishan.
Skype-d with my cousin whose stuck in school at UK after dinner with my relatives.
It must felt bad to know its Chinese New Year and that it is when reunion comes in and the lively atmosphere everywhere at where we called it home and that you are stuck outside and could only see photos, tele-conv thru webcams and such and eating food that are not so familiar to you when you are supposed to have the usual CNY food. Oh well.
Had a full dinner and headed Home.

Day 3; 初三:
Relatives from my mum's side came over to have reunion dinner at my place. My No.4 Reunion dinner already.
Mummy and daddy was so busy from Morning till Night!

Daddy checking on the soup.
(Spot my Black Dog, Princess)

Daddy adding Vege!

On the other side of my living room, some of my relatives came early.

yeah! 3 pots of steamboat for my relatives from my mum side.
If it was from my dad's side, we would use 4 -5 instead!
I Love Chinese New Year!
I have 2 tests tomorrow and i think im only 25% through the revision for both. ):
wish me luck!


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Date / Time : Sunday, January 30, 2011 / 3:02 AM
Updates for the past few days,
It was sch sch sch.
had a event with canon and 91.3fm yst at movida, st james.
It was the Must Drink Friday..

I kind of feel the entrance tag color matches our uniform, don't it?

Not forgetting to develop our own photo on the stop with the canon photo printer.
We used it to develop photos taken for those people invited to the event. (Y)

Its pretty nice!

then, this afternoon,
to my cousin's son JANSON's 1 Year Old Birthday (:
yeah, its all about barney.
Barney balloons, Barney Goodie bags for all. And yeah, they rented a costume and got someone to wore it for the day.
You remember how we love barney when we were young? the purple dinosaurrrrr.
I love you, you love me, we are happy family, and a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
won't you say you loveeee meeee tooooo....

Dad (trying to be funny), Janson, Mummy
and home sweet home,
had some soup, packed some corner of my room, online-d, then met baby at 12 for dinner+supper as it was raining very heavy thus, we met late ):
just came home, bathed and on my bed typing this entry. (:

Goodnight people!


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Date / Time : Tuesday, January 25, 2011 / 9:11 PM
Hi, im back on blog. (:
How was your Chinese New Year Shoppings?
Well, its the time when girls get the excuse to buy and spend more on dresses, heels.
Its 1 week left to the collection of Red Packets, Free Bah Kwa Buffet, and eventually, visits to the clinic. heh.
Im surprised at how time flies.
I can't wait for this semester to end already.
hope i heng heng pass all my modules and then year 3 lo!

oh yes, i bet all of you know that i've gotten my license on the 24th of December. ♥ .
My best Christmas Gift ever!
The Singpost has been delaying my mail,
but i made a call up yesterday and then i found out that it has been in the post office for 1 week plus already. Damn pek chek with Singpost la. didn't even received any notice of registered mail lors. :(
Anyway, i have no classes tomorrow. And B♥ promised to bring me out tomorrow as he has half day to accompany me. hurrayyyyy ♥ first thing in the morning go singpost collect my license! ♥
Can't wait to see my face on it and slap those people who say i couldn't pass with it. (Y)

A Brief on what was i busy on:

Had been working like 一头牛 for the weekends over, meeting demanding customers, settling cases. what could be worst?

New Year Countdown with SweetCuteBundehPigWorm BF (:

Shopping with Mummy for her new year dresses last week

Shall Be Off to Bed At 2 tonight! ♥


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